The Science Of Kashi


The Science Of Kashi

"The essence of human existence lies in understanding the limitations of our physical selves. We arrive in this world with a clean slate, and our journey will eventually culminate in our departure. It is the present moment that truly matters, for it is the only time we have to truly live. This is the fundamental reality of our existence. Recognizing this, we have established various mechanisms nationwide to facilitate this process of blossoming. Although many of these mechanisms have unfortunately fallen into disrepair, places like Kashi, though disturbed, retain a vibrant energy. This is because when consecrating spaces like Dhyanalinga, we understand that the physical structure is but a framework. According to legend, Kashi is said to rest atop Shiva's trident, symbolizing a higher spiritual plane rather than mere earthly ground."


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"The ancient tale of Kashi revolves around the belief that Lord Shiva chose this sacred city as his abode. Legend has it that Kashi served as his winter retreat. While the revered deity initially lived as an ascetic in the lofty reaches of the Himalayas, the union with a princess necessitated certain adjustments. Displaying his characteristic grace, Shiva made the choice to relocate to the plains, and in doing so, he settled in the splendidly constructed city of Kashi, which was considered a marvel of its time."


"Varanasi, also known as Banaras or Kashi, bears many names. It holds the distinction of being the oldest city on Earth. As far back as human memory reaches, stories abound of the magnificent city of Varanasi, nestled between the Varuna and Asi rivers."


"The term 'Kashi' carries a profound meaning, signifying a radiant beacon of light. Mark Twain once remarked that Kashi predates even the realm of legend, shrouding its origins in an enigmatic veil. The inception of this sacred city eludes precise dating. Long before the inception of Athens, before Rome even danced in the thoughts of men, before Egypt found its place in history, Kashi stood resolute. It is a testament to its ancient roots, fashioned as a city that serves as a bridge between the microcosm and the macrocosm. Here, the humble human spirit holds the extraordinary potential to merge with the cosmic expanse, to taste the joys, raptures, and splendors of becoming one with the cosmic tapestry of existence."